Trial to prove cherries are fruit fly free

Crop: A trial being conducted on NSW cherry orchards aims to open new export markets. Seventeen cherry growers across NSW are taking part in a trial to measure the effectivenessof pest control systems and ensure their cherries arefree of Queensland fruit fly.
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The trial is intended to help growers sell their fruit in export markets by scientifically proving to South East Asian buyers that Australia’s pest control measures are effective.

The trial is supported by the NSW Farmers’ Association and NSW Cherry Growers andwill be managed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.The federal government has contributed$343,000 in funds.

“Smaller exporters often don’t have the resources of the bigger players when it comes to getting their product to market and this project is working to address that problem,” Minister for Agriculture BarnabyJoyce said.

“Managing Queensland fruit fly is critical to maintaining Australia’s profitable horticultural export trade, with many of our destination markets having a fruit fly free requirement.

“The project is about providing assurances to destination markets and supporting smaller exporters land their produce on foreign shores.

“The cherry on top is being able to deliver a program for NSW cherry growers designed to provide a real increase in exports and a sweeter deal for farmers across NSW.”

Member for Calare, Andrew Gee, said so far 17 cherry-growers across NSW were participating in the trialto show their fruit meets the level of protection for domestic market access.

“A total of 68 fruit fly traps will be deployed, andfarmswill monitored by field staff from NSW Local Land Services, which has been contracted to monitor traps,” Mr Gee said.

“Measures to protect thesefarmsfrom fruit fly include pre-harvest monitoring, with associated chemical treatment where required, and post-harvest inspection.

“NSW cherry exports have almost doubled since 2007, going from 525 tonnes that year to 1,042 tonnes in 2016. In 2014-15 cherry production was worth $18.5 million to the NSW economy.

“As a trading nation producing far more than we could ever consume, exports underpin the profitability of our agriculture sector.”

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Lawton quits Lions

ON THE MOVE: Key forward James Lawton has departed Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong after two seasons back at his home club. Picture: Les SmithTALENTED key forward James Lawton has quit Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.
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In a devastating blow to the Lions’ prospects for next season, Lawton has informed GGGM that he will play elsewhere in 2017.

The Lions have been in negotiations with Lawton for some time but talks between the two parties hit a stalemate recently.

Lawton, along with fellow GGGM players Adam Cullen and Brandon Rigney, are expected to sign with Ovens and Murray League club Corowa-Rutherglen.

Lawton revealed the decision to leave is not one he wanted to make.

“It was a gut wrenching decision to be honest,” Lawton said.

“Me and the boys really wanted to continue to play at Ganmain and if it was up to me we would all be playing at Ganmain next year, but it’s not and that’s why we’ve decided to move on.

“I can’t speak any higher of my home club. The passion and love for the community and footy club hasalways been in my life and always will be.

Lawton quits Lions James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

James Lawton in action for Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong.

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LEST WE FORGETAt the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 the Armistice ending the First World War came into effect and the fighting on the Western Front stopped.
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Almost 300,000 Australians served on the Western Front, where more than 45,000 lost their lives and more than one-third of those have no known grave.

During the First World War the Anzac legend was born, which helped define the character of our young nation.

Sadly, this was not the last time that Australians have been called upon to fight, and die, for the values and freedoms that also define our national character.

More than 102,000 Australians have died serving our country in all wars and conflicts.On Remembrance Day, we honour each and every one of those Australians.

At 11am we fall silent, not to glorify war but to honour the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women who serve in defence of our country.

Lest we forget.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

WHO IS CALLING SHOTS?What kind of a country have we become with a gutless Prime Minister, who hasn’t the backbone to stand up to the extreme right in his Party.

We have the likes of Abetz, Anderson, Abbott and Dutton, together with the Nationals, One Nation and Family First calling the shots.

This is a general view held by many Australians reflected in his poor polling, which is lower then that of Abbott at the time he was deposed.

Turnbull is a full on capitalist, but was regarded as a small “L” liberal when it came to social issues.

While some of the poorest countries in the world are taking in hundreds of thousands refugees this Government is proposing life bans on those who arrive on boats.

This is after placing these people assessed as refugees in offshore prisons indefinitely.

Neither Party can stand proud on its treatment of refugees. However, this latest proposal is really twisting the knife.

If the same approach was taken with Vietnamese refugees the country would have lost the skills, talents and good humour of these Australians, who have added value to our multicultural society.

.While Turnbull lets this right wing rabble run the race he will go down in history as Australia’s do nothing Prime Minister.

Ken Bone, Conjola Park

SWEET MUSICSaturday night, I was again astounded by the Australian Musicians that played at Jane’s on Flinders street Wollongong.

This week, we heard Cameron Little, guitarist and vocalist who wrote and sang gentle earthy personal songs with guitar virtuosity equal to Stevie Ray Vaughan, including a superb ballad called Silver that I still can’t get out of my head.

If that wasn’t enough, we were further entertained by Western Australian musicians from the Blue Child Collective with acoustic guitar and delightful vocal harmonies.

My husband and I were amazed by the sheer talent before us. Another fantastic night at your venue, it was a pure treat to be entertained by such outstanding talented musicians. Jane, we would like to thank you for hosting the best music in the Australia.

Patricia and Charlie Bohackyj, Towradgi

ON THE CUSPChina is on the cusp of economic superiority.What will happen if China instead of moving up a rung in the world of finance becomes the most powerful political nation in the world? I’ll answer that question. There will be a dramatic change in military alliances. The election of Donald Trump as the next American President is a threat to world stability and may lead to the escalation of opportunistic, aggressive, moves by expanding nations.

John Macleod, Berry

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Search for ET underway with CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope

FINDINGS: Parkes has joined two US telescopes in ongoing surveys to determine whether civilisations exist elsewhere and the first local findings are in.Breakthrough Listen – the 10-year, $100-million astronomical search for intelligent life beyond earth – has announced its first observations using the CSIRO’s Parkes Radio Telescope.
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Parkes has joined two US telescopes – the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia and the Automated Planet Finder at Lick Observatory in California – in ongoing surveys to determine whether civilisations exist elsewhere.

Breakthrough Listen waslaunched in 2015 by internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking.

Mr Milnersaid the addition of Parkes was an important milestone.

“These major instruments are the ears of planet earth, and now they are listening for signs of other civilisations,” he said.

After 14 days of commissioning and test observations, ‘first light’ for Breakthrough Listen at Parkes was achieved on November 8,with an observation of the newly-discovered earth-size planet orbiting the nearest star to the sun, Proxima Centauri.

A red dwarf star 4.3 light years from earth, Proxima Centauri is known to have a planet (‘Proxima b’) orbiting within its habitable zone, the region where water could exist in liquid form on the planet’s surface.

Dr Andrew Siemion, Director of Berkeley SETI Research Center and leader of the Breakthrough Listen science program, said the chances of any particular planet hosting intelligent life-forms are probably minuscule.

“But once we knew there was a planet right next door, we had to ask the question, and it was a fitting first observation for Parkes,”Dr Siemion said.

“To find a civilisation just 4.2 light years away would change everything.”

CSIRO’s Parkes Radio Telescope is perfectly positioned to observe parts of the sky that can’t be seen from the northern hemisphere, including the centre of our own Milky Way galaxy, large swaths of the galactic plane, and numerous other galaxies in the nearby universe.

Dr Douglas Bock, Director of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, said the Parkes telescope was one of the most highly cited radio telescopes in the world.

“The Parkes Radio Telescope has a long list of achievements to its credit, including the discovery of the first ‘fast radio burst’,” he said.

“Its unique view of the southern hemisphere sky and cutting-edge instrumentation means it now also has a great opportunity to contribute to the search for extra-terrestrial life.”

Swinburne University of Technology is working closely with University of California, Berkeley, and CSIRO to design and implement a signal-processing and data-storage system for the project that will make the Breakthrough Listen data available to the science community.

Professor Matthew Bailes, ARC Laureate Fellow at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne University of Technology, and the Breakthrough Listen project’s Australian science coordinator, said Breakthrough Listen would do more than just hunt for ET.

“The detection system on Parkes will be simultaneously searching for naturally occurring phenomena such as pulsars and fast radio bursts, which are a large part of Parkes’ present work,” Dr Bailes said.

“The Australian science community welcomes the opportunity to share the Breakthrough Listen data for other ongoing research projects.”

Breakthrough Listen will use 25 per cent of the science time available on the Parkes Radio Telescope over the next five years.

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Not all the answers lie with private security

One of the toughest elements of modern-day policing is the average police officer on patrol is expected to bean expert in so many things.
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As the first responders to a wide variety of emergency situations, traditional skills of law enforcement are naturally important, but the very diversity ofsituations dictates these policing strengths and skills are now not enough.

Victoria Police respondedto a family violence-related issue every two minutes in 2014. Many require they become family law expert, counsellorand even security advisors all at once.

The issues of demandbecomeeven more acute when the call on police resources are so intense and there is a publicperception that due to these demands more traditional roles are being neglected.

An emerging trend is to fill the gap between demand and publicly funded services with private expertise.

Recently this has extended to the use of private security providers to help in the protection of family violence victims.

The Salvation Army has partnered with a private security company in a project called Safer in the Home, which was launched last month to help fill this very gap.

The private provider,Protective Group, has been working in the field since 2013 with some success in debugging homes of malicious surveillance, providingadvice on the justice process, suggesting interim security solutions and a range of other deterrence programs for victims.

So far the results are promising and with federal government funding and the Salvation Army’s oversight has provided access to the most vulnerable.

Criminologists Diarmaid Harkin and Kate Fitz-Gibbon say it isa model of promise with some proven benefits, but they have also highlighted the risks of a wider influx of private security into the realm: The level of competence and appropriateness of private security employees gaining privileged access to victims becomes more risky with potentially large numbers of companies offering theservice.

They argue the skills and competency of commercial providers cannot be guaranteed particularlywith no specific accreditation or regulation system yet in place.

A sensitive area with vulnerable users will need more work in regulation and oversight if it isto become part of the family violence resource gap solutions.

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NBN network arrives in Bridgetown

NBN will be at the Bridgetown Show on the November 26 with its NBN Sky Muster Satellite Truck to help provide information on how people can connect.More than 1600 local homes and businesses in Bridgetown are set to be able to experience the benefits of fast broadbandfollowing the recent switch on of the NBN network in the area.
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NBN spokespersonEbony Aitkensaid the South West network roll out was gaining momentum with more than 330,000 premises in WA able to access itsbroadband service.

“This is great news, especially as our love affair with the internet continues to grow,” she said.

“Using the internet has become part of our everyday lives and online multi-tasking is the new norm; in fact we’re expected to spend an additional 22 more days on the internet this year than we did two years ago.”

A recent studycommissioned by NBNfound that nine per cent of NBN-connected internet users in regional areas are using services over the network to sell products and services, or to source business opportunities. This compares to four per cent of regional Australians who are not yet connected to the NBN.

“As we move further into the digital age, fast and reliable broadband becomes more vital than ever in areas such as business, health, education, entertainment and leisure,” Aitken said.

“The study demonstrates the NBN network is helping bridge the digital divide between metro and regional Australia.”

Making the switch is not automatic. Customers will need to speak to their preferred service supplier to connect to the NBN.

The switch on in the area begins the 18 month countdown for these premises to make the change before most existing landline phone and internet services are replaced by services over the NBNnetwork.

NBN will be at the Bridgetown Show on the November 26 with its NBN Sky Muster Satellite Truck to help provide information on how people can connect.

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New name, new look

Happy campers: Broadlands Gardens Tamworth residents photographed at the grand relaunch in September. The facility is specifically designed for retirees who want to remain active and continue to be self-sufficient.TAMWORTH’SWarral Road Lifestyle Village has a new name, a new owner and a new look.
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Broadlands Gardens Tamworth has come to life in 2016 and is offering an affordable over 50’sindependent retirement lifestyle right here in Tamworth.

A grand relaunch of Broadlands Gardens Tamworth was held in September and the staff have been thrilled with theresponse from people from near and far.

The official opening ceremony was conducted by Deputy Prime Minister, and Federal Memberfor New England Barnaby Joyce and Tamworth MP Kevin Anderson.

The reaction to the level of facilities provided was amazing. Locals, and those from furtherafield were impressed with the resort style facilities including:

indoor and outdoor swimmingpools,tennis court,bowling green and a fully equipped clubhouse,gymnasium,library, and coffee lounge.Within the secure and gated community there are beautifully landscaped and maintained gardens and indoor barbecue area, as well as acommunity herb and vegetable garden.

Current residents assisted on the day and the visitors loved speaking to them and gettinginformation about village life straight from the horse’s mouth.

Open for display were a variety of modern, low maintenance homes starting as low as $175,000, excluding site rental.

“This showcases how you can downsize and free up some capital for that getaway or enjoy your endless holiday right here at home in Tamworth,” according to Broadlands Gardens spokeswoman Lynne Graham.

“Broadlands Gardens is open for business and has everything you have been looking for as aretirement option, right here in Tamworth.

“If you missed the grand relaunch, you are still very welcome to come and look at our spectacularfacilities, the great homes for sale and chat to our happy residents.”

Broadlands Gardens is located about five minutes’ drive from Shopping World with Woolworths, Big W and 40 specialist stores, or Southgate Shopping Centre with Coles, a Post Office, a pharmacy and a doctor’s surgery.

Call Lynne on 02 67652800 to make an appointment.

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‘Batter up’ as US voters take to polls

PERSPECTIVE: American-in-Ballarat Rob Shaw is focused on baseball rather than the United States election, but admits this race has been unusual. Picture: Dylan Burns
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BASEBALLimport Rob Shaw admits he is indifferent to who is voted the next President of the United States of America on Wednesday.

Chicago Cubs just won the World Series, ending a 108-year-old drought in the Major Baseball League. This has dominated attention of the American –who hails from Cincinatti, Ohio –and his family and friends back in his homeland.

He has not seen much coverage of the United States election during his time in Ballarat, but admittedthat even this election race has been something pretty different to the usual presidential race fanfare. This time is close and a lot of general uncertainty in who to vote for –or if to vote on a president at all.

“It’s never been anything like this before,” Shaw said.

“I’ll check to see who wins but it’s not something I’ve been following or am really interested in…Just the greater distance I get from the States, the more I get away from politics.”

Shaw said he was unable to vote outside his home state.

A professional baseballer, Shaw has been living outside the US the past 10 months. He arrived in Ballarat early last month to join Ballarat City Brewers for the Victorian Summer Baseball League season.

“I’m just trying to focus on what I’m doing here,” Shaw said.

The US goes to the polls on Tuesday. For those following in Australia, results will start to come in on Wednesday about 11am, Ballarat time, once some eastern states close their polling stations.

Reality television star and property mogul Donald Trump is the Republican party presidential nominee while former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the Democratic presidential candidate.

This has been a particularly tight and vitriolic race to the White House, with scandal associated with both candidates.

Voting is not compulsory in the US and those who do vote are voting on a range of measures and candidates, including judges and governors. This varies, as does the methods for voting, from state to state.

The president-elect will not take to office until inauguration day on January 20.

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DomaCom and Ingham shares take flight on ASX

Ingham Group’s share price fluttered down to to $3.10 each before recovering to highs around $3.30 on Tuesday.They are not exactly conventional agricultural players, but two new public listings on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) have been attracting farm sector attention this week.
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Australia’s biggest chicken meat production and processing businessIngham Group’s shares eventually climbed after struggling to take flight on Monday.

Former family-owned Ingham’swas initially expected to be listed for as much as $4.14 a share, but its recent owner, US private equity firm TPG, ended up floating 53 per cent of its stake for $3.15 and netting $440.2 million.

The price dropped further to $3.10 before recovering to highs around $3.30 on Tuesday.

New hopeful in the rural property market, the crowdfunding investor, DomaCom, saw its shares slip to 37 cents each on Tuesday after making its ASX debut at up to41c.

DomaCom’s unusual fractional property investment model has gained attention in the past year after the company made an eleventh hour attempt to join the initial sale process for S. Kidman and Company’s outback pastoral estate late in 2015.

Meanwhile, another relative newcomer to the ASX, A2 Milk saw its shares liftabout eight per cent early this week to $1.87 after reportingcontinuing strong demand from China.

A2 Milk shares peaked above $2 each in August, but have been struggling to keepthe momentum which saw the company’s popularity shoot up late last year, mirroring a similar leap at the time by another dairy company vying for the Asian nutrition market, Bega Cheese.

Share market analysts said while Ingham Group was a major player in the poultry meat sector, chicken was a “mature” staple food market and the revamped business would need to deliver significant productivity gains and cost cutting to achieve the growth targets it talked aboutleading up to its float.

Ingham supplies 40 per cent ofAustralia’schicken market, with its customers including fast food chain KFC, and the Woolworths and Aldi supermarket chains.

Forager Funds Management analyst, Daniel Mueller, warned investors could risk a similar fate suffered by exposure to other large food sector suppliers such as Goodman Fielder or Patties Foods, which hadbeen squeezed by their deep exposure to the tough supermarket industry.

“When you have a commoditised product, dealing with powerful customers is not a recipe for earnings growth,” he told clients.

“It’s a recipe for wealth destruction.”

Ingham’s chief executive, Mick McMahon, has rejected the critics saying some commentators misunderstood the value of vertically integrated farming, processing and marketing enterprise.

He said big global investment funds had joined the company’s share register.

“That’s what is important to me and the business ultimately because we want access to the capital markets to continue to grow and develop the business over time,” he said.

The DomaCom managed investment scheme (MIS) group has been primarily involved in buying commercial real estate and residential apartment investments on behalf of small investors whose funds were raised via crowdfunding campaigns.

After bowing out of the Kidman race last month it re-set its rural property sights on buying smaller, but still sizeable, rural properties in Queensland and Victoria, with the view to leasing the land back to the farming operators.

It has lately raised about 32pcof the bookbuild required to purchase of a majority stake in cattle station “Pajingo”, near Charters Towers in North Queensland.

DomaCom’s Kidman foray proved it could rally small shareholders together to give ordinary Australians a chance to take ownership of the iconic 10.1 million hectare pastoral business and its 185,000-strong beef herd.

However, while its Kidman estate ambitions received public pledges of financial support worth about $80m, most investors held back contributing to the fund waiting to see if any big superannuation group would chip in.

Chief executive officer, Arthur Naoumidis, said the company had raised $7.33m from more than 500 new investors for its initial public offering on the ASX, giving it a total shareholder base of more than 700 at the start of theweek.

“We have completed 24 bookbuilds for properties in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, with another 59 bookbuilds in the pipeline,” he said.

“In addition to these bookbuilds we have launched public crowdfunding campaigns for The Block apartments and (the 32,000ha) `Pajingo’.”

He said The DomaCom Fund was now on the approved product list of 41 Australian Financial Service Licensees spanning more than 1200 independent financial advisers.

Mr Naoumidis said controlled asset allocation to real property was a reality in Australia and overseas, and being structured as a registered MIS brought the asset class within the financial planners’ purview, potentially increasing the advisors’ client reach, their sphere of influence and funds under management revenue.

The DomaCom Fund enables investors to select properties in which they would like to invest.

Via a bookbuild process, investors can commit as much as they wish towards the eventual purchase of a property in partnership with other like-minded contributors.

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LGBTI advocate happy with plebiscite failure

Horsham LGBTI advocate Maddi Ostapiw HORSHAM LGBTI advocate Maddi Ostapiw has welcomed the defeat of legislation to enable a plebiscite on legalising same sex marriage.
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Ms Ostapiw said she couldn’t think of a single gay group that was in favour of holding a national vote on same-sex marriage and a taxpayer-fundeddebate on the issue.

Legislation to enable the plebiscite was defeated in the Senate on Monday night.

“I’m very happy,” Ms Ostapiw said.

“Even though within this term of parliament the plebiscite might have been the quickest way to go about achieving marriage equality, it was not the ethically and morally responsible way to do it.

“It would have put a lot of people in harm’s way.”

Ms Ostapiw said gay groups had made an informed choice to oppose a plebiscite rather than enable a national debate on their right to marry.

Ms Ostapiw said the groupsfeared a debate, with mandated media exposure for the opposing argument, would be damaging to young LGBTI people.

“We’re willing to wait a number of years if we absolutely had to,” she said.

“Speaking on behalf of quite a number of marriage equality campaigners, it’s not just going to rest until the next election.

“We’re going to keep campaigning for a free vote in parliament.”

Attorney General GeorgeBrandis said Labor’s decision to block the plebiscite was “one of the more cynical exercises in politics that I have ever seen”.

He implored the Senate to “stop playing politics with gay people’s lives” and “get out of the way”.

Member for Mallee Andrew Broad has said he wantedto keep the current definition of marriage but would follow his electorate’s result if a plebiscite was held.

Last month, Mr Broad threatened to withdraw support for the government if a compromise was reached to hold a free vote in parliament.

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